Tidgewell Associates started twenty years ago as a consulting company specializing in financial and business operations for behavioral health and human services organizations. Company President, Mark Tidgewell, started the company after many years of experience in the behavioral healthcare field. Mark’s goal was to provide developmental assistance to public sector entities, especially those engaged in human service delivery that wished to assume control of their programs and maximize the funds available for direct service delivery. The company accomplished this by assisting organizations in the development of systems and skills that reduced the need to rely on outside entities.

A major client of Tidgewell Associates was HHM of Rhode Island (HHMRI), a behavioral health management company that administered a commercial behavioral health risk carve-out contract for a large health insurer. Under the contract the providers were reimbursed using a case rate (global payment) methodology, which is typically too difficult to administer for claims adjudication.

Lonnie A. Watson, who at the time was the Information System Administrator for HHMRI, was instrumental in the development of the information technology solution that was implemented under a very tight time frame. The software that was developed is innovative and flexible; it can be customized for the needs of any organization.

When the HHMRI carve-out contract was cancelled for business reasons, Tidgewell Associates decided to purchase the intellectual property of the company and expand the business. At the same time, Lonnie joined Tidgewell Associates, Inc. as the Chief Technology Officer. Together they bring another dimension to the original consulting business of Tidgewell Associates, Inc. Their expertise in systems development, business operations and creative solutions allows Tidgewell Associates, Inc to expand the products and services it can offer its customers.