Our fully customizable software solutions link together disparate data silos, enabling greater efficiency and effectiveness in client services and improving outcomes.  In addition, TAI offers a full range of project management, service/help desk support, and consulting services.  

Web Based Electronic Health Record Solutions:

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TAI CYBER©: • This solution which provides for utilizing an array of Care Management Organizations, Family Support Organizations, Mobile Response & Stabilization Services, Unified Case Management, and Youth Case Management organizations, was customized for the New Jersey Children’s System of Care and named CYBER©. CYBER© gives users HIPAA compliant access to electronic health records with a login credential and password anywhere you find an internet browser. The architecture used to support the multiple community sub-networks of providers can be configured and customized to support a variety of specific additional requirements.

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TAI YouthLink©: • Within CYBER© the YouthLink© application automatically matches the data profile of the Provider (established via contract with the State of New Jersey) with the profile of the child. These profiles are rendered as a result of the scoring values on the Out-of-Home (modified CANS) Assessment. Based on these data, children needing residential placement are automatically matched with residential providers who can deliver the needed level of service.
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TAI IhSIS©: • This solution allows you quick access to essential information from multiple sources. IhSIS© increases efficiency, allows quick data integration, and supports informed decision making, thus improving outcomes. To create IhSIS© TAI used the technical advancements developed in the earlier CYBER© application to meet the needs of the Managing Entity in Central Florida.  Customized to their specifications, the integrated electronic client record technology launched CFBHN’s operations into new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Among other features, IhSIS© provides screening information, as well as service authorization requests.  The service authorizations then allow you to confirm provider payments.

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Client Server Based Electronic Health Record Solutions

TAI CARES: TAI CARES is designed to provide a single consolidated platform for data warehousing, program support, and reporting for County or State Offices of Mental Health including Crisis Intervention, Development Disabilities, Early Intervention, HealthChoices and Children, Youth and Family Services, Substance Abuse and Aging. TAI CARES is a secure HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) and case management platform, providing comprehensive information and a single workflow for documenting plans, managing contracts, generating invoices, handling generation of HIPAA standard 837 claims and encounters, reconciliation of HIPAA standard 835 and 277 files, and other tasks. Click HERE for a detailed feature list. TAI CARES was developed as a client server application but is now available securely through the web for those organizations that aren’t equipped with in-house servers or local IT. As with all TAI applications, TAI CARES can be customized to include additional needs your organization may have.
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TAI also provides client server based applications for customers interested in integration of systems of care within their organizational structure – such as within County Human Services Systems. These solutions enable:
  • User Management: Includes adding, editing, and deleting users; user access to the electronic health record controlled by designated authorized staff; and the ability to access, change, or remove user credentials without the need for costly developer time.
  • Role Management: Allows authorized staff to define the roles within their system generally or specifically.
  • Contract Generation: Allows you to record your provider network information, build service rate tables, and produce contract documents.
  • Accounting Support: Allows efficient payable validation and processing.