Numecent’s groundbreaking cloudpaging technology enables us to rapidly Cloudify and optionally SaaSify our Microsoft® Windows®-based applications and deliver them almost instantly, with zero installation on client devices. By deploying cloudpaging, we are able to offer friction-free on-premises or cloud delivery options with a greatly reduced support footprint and without requiring any changes to our existing applications.


TAI Software has confronted many environmental issues and code complexities as we deploy web-centric products in the face of the myriad of web browser technologies and versions. Numecent’s technology allows us to quickly deploy any application designed to work on a local area network without changing a single-line of source code. Cloudpaging works on standard web protocols and frees our customers from managing VPN connections or opening security threats on firewalls.


This cloudpaging option is available for customers who want to migrate any of their existing client server applications or software securely to the web.


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